Don’t mention the war: Greens, Iraq and Godwin’s law

Earlier this year, Brighton and Hove City Council passed a motion of no confidence in its Green administration.  The debate was a curious affair, illustrating much about Brighton and Hove politics; in particular the way in which, nominally about the record of the administration, it turned into a series of personal attacks on Labour’s leader […]

Unchain the motorist – will they never learn?

A new advertisement from the Brighton fringe group Unchain the Motorist, which claims to speak for drivers in Brighton and Hove, makes a hugely misleading assertion about 20mph zones and casualties. The advertisement quotes DfT statistics showing that the number of casualties in 20mph zones has increased substantially for 2013, while those on 30mph roads […]

Brighton and Hove Greens: putting circus horses before food bank users

The Brighton and Hove Green Party is fond of labelling Labour as a party of austerity, and claiming to be the party that really stands up for social justice and against poverty.  Today’s meeting of the Green-chaired Policy and Resources Committee of the City Council demonstrated why the Greens’ claims to support the vulnerable in […]

Increasing council tax: more gesture politics from the Green Party

After the farce, the tragedy.  Following several days dominated by the furore caused by Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet describing the armed forces as “hired killers”, and the discovery of an equally offensive Islamophobic tweet, the Brighton and Hove Green Party has today announced that it will seek a 5.9% Council Tax increase next year, […]


It’s been a wretched 48 hours for the Brighton and Hove Green Party.  Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet about Armed Forces day, and the ramifications of that, has dominated debate – but there is other news that may demonstrate that the Green Party in this city is in a state of collapse. At the time of […]

Ben Duncan – why an apology is not enough

Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet that Armed Forces Day had brought “hired killers” on to  the streets of Brighton has caused a political furore.  It has been condemned by Caroline Lucas and Duncan has been forced to issue an apology. It’s not enough. This is just the latest in a long line of incidents in […]

The Green Party, Armed Forces Day and “hired killers” on the streets of Brighton?

Last night, Green Councillor Ben Duncan published this extraordinary tweet: Armed Forces Day has certainly brought the hired killers onto the streets of #Brighton today. Hard to explain to my son!— Ben Duncan (@KemptownBen) June 28, 2014 As on numerous other occasions, to call Cllr Duncan for a lapse of judgement seems barely adequate. To […]

How the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator just backed the case for electing Purna Sen in Brighton Pavilion

In an extraordinary intervention in the debate about the position of the left in the forthcoming General Election, the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator, Howard Thorp, has published a video of a conversation he had on the day that the European election results were announced with Peter Allen, a prominent Green Party activist and candidate […]

Caroline Lucas, the Brighton and Hove budget and the price of Green Party unity

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell invented the concept of duckspeak. It was a description for the act of speaking without thinking, like the quacking of a duck; when used in support of the party line it was seen as a good thing, a repetition of orthodoxy untainted by reference to the real world. Listening to […]


Spring. The buds are appearing on the bushes and shrubs, the first daffodils are out in Brighton’s splendid parks and the annual coup against Jason Kitcat’s convenorship of the Green Group on the city Council is apparently under way. To be fair, the exclusive report in the Brighton magazine The Latest – soon to launch […]