First thoughts

Welcome to my blog.

Why another blog on politics and culture, and where am I coming from? I suppose the real motivation behind this is a sense of growing despair at the ideological nature of political and cultural discourse. I want to challenge some of the easy assumptions of those who exercise political and economic power, to try and get to a bit of reality by asking questions about the general consensus view of the world as it presents itself to one rather disillusioned left-leaning individual writing in Britain in 2008.

I’ve chosen as the title for the blog a quotation from one of the great figures of English radical writing – R.H. Tawney, historian and socialist and Labour Party partisan, who would have been absolutely aghast at the antics of his party today. I admire Tawney for his trenchant clarity, his sense of moral purpose, the eloquence and force of his logic, his ability to cut through the hypocrisy and cant of those who hold wealth and power, and those who act as cheerleaders on its behalf. In my view, those qualities have never been more badly needed, and I hope that, if nothing else, I can capture something of his spirit here.


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