Young musician debacle – continued

The BBC has taken a lot of flack over the way this contest has been run, and rightly so. Former Radio 3 presenter Tommy Pearson has said everything that needs to be said in his blog, and the outrage of the musical public can be found expressed both on Radio 3’s official messageboards (whose link from the BBC Young Musician website mysteriously disappeared once the flak started flying) and on the R3OK boards, made up of an eclectic group of music-lovers who found the atmosphere on the official boards too controlled.

The BBC has, yet again, succeeded in drastically annoying its own audience. Are they really so confident about the future of public service broadcasting that they think they can just walk away from these people? It’s pure hubris.

I’d like to think they’ll learn. But experience tells me otherwise.


One thought on “Young musician debacle – continued

  1. Thoughtful and articulate pieces, pw, on a topic that has been exercising many of us.As I write, I am watching the Eurovision final – the profile of our man – Philip Achille, excellent harmonica player who reached the last seven – had me fearing the worst, but then just the seven performances [single movements only in this competition], without gimmicks or interviews.

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