Are the England football team a load of bankers?

Well, leaving aside the obvious answer, the similarities are obvious.

  • Both earn vast, inflated salaries wholly detached from the real world, and apparently unrelated to their performance or their ability to deliver;
  • Both appear to exist in a parallel world whose ethics and values are unrelated to those of the rest of the world;
  • Both have objectively a track record of failure
  • Both appear to be endowed with a massive sense of entitlement, combined with a wholly dismissive attitude towards the rest of the world (witness Rooney’s condemnation of those who, having devoted so much time, effort and money to following the team in South Africa, booed England’s uncommitted performance on the pitch;
  • Both apparently enjoy a dispensation from any form of criticism in the media, until the wheel finally comes off – but deep down they know that even when the media and the public have rumbled them, the cash will still roll in.
  • Both whine like toddlers when they are rumbled.

The England team promised much and delivered the opposite.  So perhaps they’re not just bankers, but Liberal Democrats as well.

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