Seven Dials Elm reprieved – for now

I blogged yesterday about the extraordinary row concerning the removal of a healthy elm tree to facilitate the Seven Dials Roundabout improvement works in central Brighton.  The good news came this afternoon that the Vernon Terrace elm had received a temporary reprieve while further discussions take place about its future. Other parts of the improvement works will be taken forward.

I was up at the tree at lunchtime today and there appeared to be an slightly edgy stand-off in the drizzle between the protesters and a digger that had been brought in to pull the railings out of the roots – which would have caused considerable damage.  It was a calm, good-natured protest and the intervention of Caroline Lucas was obviously hugely appreciated.  And my admiration for the two protesters in the tree was boundless – you really needed to be there to see just how high up they were.

Some pictures:

Stop the cutting

Tree defenders

Moving in


Save our tree

It’s obvious what local people and Green Party members across the city want. Let’s hope that officers are being given clear directions to find a way to save the tree.


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