Nasty Green politics in Brighton

This particularly gratuitous tweet was published by the Queen’s Park ward Green Party in Brighton this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.25.13

It’s wholly unacceptable.  In claiming for one Party the opposition to Putin’s attack on LGBT rights, it’s deeply insulting to people of all parties and none who are prepared to show solidarity with those under attack.  The Green Party used to argue that it did things differently; apparently it now is comfortable with the worst sort of political tribalism.

It’s difficult to know whether the tweet represents the fear of a party expecting defeat at the next local elections, or the resentment of one that has effectively given up.  Either way, an apology is owed – and not just to Brighton and Hove Labour.

And growing up mightn’t be a bad idea either.


3 thoughts on “Nasty Green politics in Brighton

  1. I think it is fair to say that it is not just the Greens that are engaging in this finger-pointing one upmanship…labour activists have also been tweeting in this way for a while. But as you say, it is disappointing that a party which set out to do things differently has been sucked in to such negativity.

    I think that this kind of political game-playing is undermining to the cause (whatever it is) that is represented for the following reasons:
    -It becomes more a stick to beat opponents with, than a genuine voice for the oppressed
    -Party members may then be even more likely to attend events in order to be seen, or to tick desirable political boxes rather than to wholeheartedly support whatever cause it is. Fear of condemnation for not attending will contribute to this. When this happens, support shifts from the ideological to the cynical which is not good long term
    -If a cause is used as a political tool in this way, then it ends up being used to serve the politicians, rather than the politicians serving the vulnerable.

  2. Its’ the price we pay I suppose, for the competitive wooing of minority constituencies by various parts of the left. If the left felt more comfortable, as it should be, and was in the past, with a broad appeal to “the people” this sort of silliness would be less likely.

    That it isn’t has to do of course with deep changes in society in particular the growth of material comfort among the majority along with a perfectly proper aspiration to such a state among many others, and the difficulty of the left (even in parts of the Labour Party) in coming to terms to this despite its being the fulfillment of so much that the Labour movement stood for. (Tony Blair of course understood this very well – that is why he was Labour’s most successful leader.)

    The result has been a hankering after “Rainbow Coaliton” politics despite the strategy’s lamentable failure along with a kind of ideological Marcusianism on the further left which tries to convince us of “the coming fascism” to wake us all from the torpor of our hoildays in Spain and Mondeo man obsessions. (presumably the Greens have particular problems in this respect!).

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