Simon Howard 1960-2013

Simon Howard was a poet, an intellectual, a man of extraordinary cultural breadth and reading, and my friend. Not always an easy friend; he could be fierce and uncompromising.  He was certainly angry – angry and despairing about the society we have become and the values that society enshrines, that anger recently intensified by trying to negotiate the remains of the welfare state. But he was also so generous: this blog benefitted from his critical view, his suggestions for things to read and think about. But what we shared was, of course, so much more than that. Music above all.

Faced with Simon’s passing and his personal struggles that preceded it the conventional words of condolence – about resting in peace – seem more banal than ever; a sense of the waste and pointlessness seem so much more right.  But the poems remain – and they can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Simon Howard 1960-2013

  1. I knew Simon over the last year of his life, perhaps seeing him at his most distraught and vulnerable. He was kindness itself and generous with his knowledge and talant. I saw him at the very last but will remember him with great affection and a sense of having been enriched from our time and long talks togeter.I hope Simon you are at peace. Gary

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