Top posts of 2013

It’s been a busy year on the blog – three times as many hits as in 2012 and 2013 has been the year in which it has gone from getting dozens of hits per day to hundreds of hits per day.  It’s been a year of considerable political drama, especially here in Brighton as the Green experiment in government has unravelled in dramatic fashion, in ways that might not have been predicted – and it is my writing about those events that has generated a huge number of hits.  But also this has been a year in which my own political commitments have shifted and developed, and some of the most popular pieces have reflected that too.

I am hugely grateful – and flattered – that people are prepared to read what basically remains a personal soap-box, and to do so in increasing numbers.  I am intrigued by the fact that it is often the rants – the pieces that have emerged when I have sat down at the laptop in fury or exasperation – rather than the more carefully planned pieces that have gained the most hits.

Here are links to the top six pieces (that number chosen because they form a bunch out in front on their own).  Interestingly the most popular piece is one I wrote early in 2012, about the influence of the Oxford PPE degree on our political culture – it obviously struck a chord.  As did a piece on Russell Brand’s call for revolution, on which I had more hits in one day than any other piece I have written.  And the goings-on in Brighton politics, along with pieces describing my disillusion with, and eventual departure, from the Green Party, have attracted a lot of readers; when it was never really my intention to focus so much on local politics. But then I did not expect a year that would be so turbulent, both in terms of local politics and for my own political allegiances.  It is the unforseen that is interesting.

My own favourite piece of my own writing comes a good way down the list, but my reflections on the political culture of Brighton, and how it is a much less radical place than it sometimes thinks it is, generated a lot of comment and I remain proud of it

2014 looks like being a fascinating year, in Brighton and elsewhere. I have every intention of continuing to share my thoughts on it.


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