A change of direction

Last night I was selected as one of a team of Labour and Co-Operative candidates to contest Preston Park ward on Brighton and Hove city council, along with Julie Cattell and Kevin Allen.   Preston Park is a key ward for Labour, one that is crucial to achieving our goals of winning the council and of electing Purna Sen as the next MP for Brighton Pavilion.

Labour's Candidates in Preston Park Ward: l-r Neil Schofield, Julie Cattell and Kevin Allen

Labour’s Candidates in Preston Park Ward: l-r Neil Schofield (in red tie), Julie Cattell and Kevin Allen

I am hugely honoured to have been selected.  It will, of course, mean an enormous amount of work. So probably less blogging, but I will continue to do so, although obviously from the perspective of a Labour candidate working flat out to ensure a Labour victory in Preston Park ward, for the city council, and for the Brighton Pavilion constituency – and at the General Election; and, after that, I hope, as a Labour Councillor supporting a Labour administration in what, even with a Labour Government, will be challenging times.  There’s always been a bit of tension between the urge to be active in politics and the desire to reflect and comment on it; the two are probably in my case inseparable but it’s the former that’s going to be the focus of attention now.

I am very excited and looking forward to it enormously.  And I am hugely grateful to those who have stuck with my blog over the four years I’ve been writing it.  I hope you’ll continue to stick with it for the future.


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