Ben Duncan – why an apology is not enough

Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet that Armed Forces Day had brought “hired killers” on to  the streets of Brighton has caused a political furore.  It has been condemned by Caroline Lucas and Duncan has been forced to issue an apology. It’s not enough. This is just the latest in a long line of incidents in […]

The Green Party, Armed Forces Day and “hired killers” on the streets of Brighton?

Last night, Green Councillor Ben Duncan published this extraordinary tweet: As on numerous other occasions, to call Cllr Duncan for a lapse of judgement seems barely adequate. To be clear – it’s not as if there is not an issue here.  Politicians continue to use Armed Forces Day, and the armed forces in general, […]

How the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator just backed the case for electing Purna Sen in Brighton Pavilion

In an extraordinary intervention in the debate about the position of the left in the forthcoming General Election, the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator, Howard Thorp, has published a video of a conversation he had on the day that the European election results were announced with Peter Allen, a prominent Green Party activist and candidate […]

Privatising the roads: the policy time-bomb in the Infrastructure Bill

There has been much debate since the last election about the piecemeal privatisation of the NHS – despite the fact that the mainstream media have given it far less coverage than it merits.  But there’s another huge piece of privatisation being lined up, and the Infrastructure Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech is laying the […]

Greens and fire service cuts: a study in political failure

Yesterday, the East Sussex Fire Authority voted through cuts that will mean job losses and the loss of fire appliances in Hastings and at the Preston Circus fire station in Brighton.  Tories (though not those from Brighton and Hove), Liberal Democrats and UKIP – who chair the authority – combined to support the cuts.  Greens […]