European Elections: With 48 hours to go, Welsh Labour Grassroots slams Welsh Labour candidates

Only 48 hours before polling day in the European Elections, Welsh Labour Grassroots – the self-styled “home of Momentum” in Wales – has published an extraordinary attack on Labour’s slate of candidates in Wales.

WLG’s newsletter – circulated yesterday (21 May) over the signature of the WLG Secretariat, which includes Labour NEC member Darren Williams – talks of “understandable disquiet” on the Left over the Labour slate of candidates in tomorrow’s elections and claims that they do not represent Labour Party opinion.

Here is a screenshot of the relevant passage:

The attack is significant because of the close links of WLG both to the Labour leadership in Wales – it played a substantial role in ensuring the election of Mark Drakeford to the Welsh Labour leadership last year – and because of its closeness to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. And it appears to give a clear message to voters that while Labour’s candidates in Wales have strongly backed remain, and have supported a confirmatory referendum on any deal, this is not the Labour Party’s position.

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of this is the claim that the candidates’ views do not reflect the views of the Party’s wider membership – when all the substantial polling evidence suggests that it their views match the members’ views precisely, and that the Leadership’s position is costing Labour dear.

So it seems clear – if you’re a voter in Wales and want to remain in the EU, or want any deal to be subject to a referendum, voting Welsh Labour is not a safe option. And perhaps the most telling aspect of all of this is that a faction close to the Labour leaderships in Cardiff and Westminster should be willing to undermine the Labour candidates in Wales in such a dramatic way.

And it doesn’t fit especially well with that “Standing Up for Wales” slogan.

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