It’s our money: HS2, the Barnett formula, and the threat to Welsh democracy

Yesterday’s announcement from Whitehall that HS2 would proceed – at an estimated cost now of £100bn, a figure that seems likely to rise substantially – has opened a wide fault-line about the future of Wales and Welsh devolution. As Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards argues persuasively in a piece in Nation Cymru, the issues for […]

Why Labour must abandon its commitment to HS2

Speaking at the Labour Party conference today, Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh reiterated her support for the HS2 project.  Economically, environmentally and politically, this is the wrong decision. The economic and political arguments against HS2 have been well-rehearsed – put simply, the claims made by its proponents do not stand up.  Notoriously, its economic case […]

Labour’s policy on rail – at last a rational way forward to a public railway

The debate on the future of the railways is among the most interesting at the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum.  The challenge was to understand that there are three key challenges facing the rail system – the privatised structure, capacity issues, and the cuts in subsidy in recent years that have contributed hugely to the […]

Unchain the motorist – will they never learn?

A new advertisement from the Brighton fringe group Unchain the Motorist, which claims to speak for drivers in Brighton and Hove, makes a hugely misleading assertion about 20mph zones and casualties. The advertisement quotes DfT statistics showing that the number of casualties in 20mph zones has increased substantially for 2013, while those on 30mph roads […]

Privatising the roads: the policy time-bomb in the Infrastructure Bill

There has been much debate since the last election about the piecemeal privatisation of the NHS – despite the fact that the mainstream media have given it far less coverage than it merits.  But there’s another huge piece of privatisation being lined up, and the Infrastructure Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech is laying the […]

Misleading and unsubstantiated: the official verdict on Unchain the Motorist

The Advertising Standards Authority has published its verdict on the advertisements published by the Unchain the Motorist pressure group in the Brighton Argus during last year’s consultation on 20mph limits in Brighton and Hove.  It’s devastating.  All 11 issues raised in complaints about the advertisement have been upheld by the ASA. To understand just how […]

Christmas free parking in Brighton and Hove: a disgraceful and misleading press release

(NB since this blog post was written, the press notice has been taken down from the Brighton and Hove Council website. However I managed to screengrab it and it can be found here ) On Christmas Eve, when the rest of the world is winding down towards the holiday break, Brighton and Hove Council have […]