Hard Work: why we need to change the way we think about work, pay and benefits

The concept of work is at the heart of contemporary political and economic rhetoric.  Slogans about work – about hard-working families, about backing the people who work hard, about being the party of work – pepper political discourse across the political spectrum.  But work is in crisis in a way that you would find hard […]

Scottish independence and the potency of nostalgic mythology

As an Englishman with strong Scottish connections I have watched the debate over Scottish independence with interest and no little frustration.  It has not been an edifying affair – apart from that moment of weakness from Salmond, when his utter inability to provide intelligent answers about a Scottish currency laid bare the fact that there was […]

How the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator just backed the case for electing Purna Sen in Brighton Pavilion

In an extraordinary intervention in the debate about the position of the left in the forthcoming General Election, the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator, Howard Thorp, has published a video of a conversation he had on the day that the European election results were announced with Peter Allen, a prominent Green Party activist and candidate […]

Brighton Pavilion: are the Greens losing their grip?

Ever since the results of the European Election vote in Brighton and Hove were announced last Sunday, there has been an outbreak of speculation over what those results could mean for next year’s local and general election results in the city. Almost as soon as the results were announced, the Caroline Lucas camp was tweeting […]

The Brighton and Hove Budget vote: an afterword

Last night, I blogged about the stalemate following yesterday’s Budget Council in Brighton and Hove.  The Brighton and Hove Green Party has now issued the following statement: Tonight’s Brighton & Hove City Council budget meeting was adjourned at 10:30pm after the budget without a referendum failed to pass. Green councillors have issued the following statement: […]

Simon Howard 1960-2013

Simon Howard was a poet, an intellectual, a man of extraordinary cultural breadth and reading, and my friend. Not always an easy friend; he could be fierce and uncompromising.  He was certainly angry – angry and despairing about the society we have become and the values that society enshrines, that anger recently intensified by trying […]

Off the rails: why rail renationalisation is the wrong priority

The purpose of Private Members’ Bills is not always to create legislation, and can be an opportunity to embarrass the Government; in that sense Caroline Lucas’ Bill to renationalise the railways, due to receive its Second Reading today, is unusual in that it is more.  It’s certainly not remotely fit for purpose as a piece […]