The Brighton and Hove Budget vote: an afterword

Last night, I blogged about the stalemate following yesterday’s Budget Council in Brighton and Hove.  The Brighton and Hove Green Party has now issued the following statement: Tonight’s Brighton & Hove City Council budget meeting was adjourned at 10:30pm after the budget without a referendum failed to pass. Green councillors have issued the following statement: […]

Simon Howard 1960-2013

Simon Howard was a poet, an intellectual, a man of extraordinary cultural breadth and reading, and my friend. Not always an easy friend; he could be fierce and uncompromising.  He was certainly angry – angry and despairing about the society we have become and the values that society enshrines, that anger recently intensified by trying […]

Off the rails: why rail renationalisation is the wrong priority

The purpose of Private Members’ Bills is not always to create legislation, and can be an opportunity to embarrass the Government; in that sense Caroline Lucas’ Bill to renationalise the railways, due to receive its Second Reading today, is unusual in that it is more.  It’s certainly not remotely fit for purpose as a piece […]

Coming home

There is a cynical view that party conferences are so much hot air – three weeks in which the party faithful essentially look inwards, with little that is relevant to the need of the wider world.  That may be true at times, but this years conference season – and the events that have immediately followed […]

Reclaiming Elgar from the Right

Left politics and classical music are not things that instinctively go together – and if there is one thing that has surprised more of my fellow lefties even than my passion for Wagner, it is my deep and abiding love for the music of Edward Elgar.  Most people are familiar with Land of Hope and […]

The seven day wait for signing on – response to my FOI request

Shortly after the announcement of the Comprehensive Spending Review, I blogged that I had sent an FOI request to the Treasury asking for the evidence held on the savings derived from delaying the receipt of benefit until after the first seven days of unemployment. I have now received this interim reply: Despite its saying very […]