Why a Green-Plaid-SNP alliance is neither progressive nor practical

Yesterday’s Independent carried a report that the Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru were in discussion about standing down candidates at the 2020 elections in order to create a “progressive alliance” to defeat the Tories. It’s a nice idea in some respects, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.  To understand why, you need […]

Greens, Jeremy Corbyn and uniting the Left

A prominent Brighton blogger, Dani Ahrens, recently posted a piece reporting that she had signed up as a Labour supporter in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party leadership election – from the perspective of someone who has publicly supported the Green Party.  It’s a sentiment that closely matches comments by Caroline […]

Last thoughts on the Brighton and Hove Budget

In the end it was a remarkably bloodless affair.  Speeches by the group leaders followed by a series of votes, and, after the months of intense politics, Brighton and Hove Council had a budget: a council tax rise of 1.99% and the amendments passed at the previous week’s Budget Council to restore discretionary grants and […]

Caroline Lucas, the Brighton and Hove budget and the price of Green Party unity

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell invented the concept of duckspeak. It was a description for the act of speaking without thinking, like the quacking of a duck; when used in support of the party line it was seen as a good thing, a repetition of orthodoxy untainted by reference to the real world. Listening to […]


Spring. The buds are appearing on the bushes and shrubs, the first daffodils are out in Brighton’s splendid parks and the annual coup against Jason Kitcat’s convenorship of the Green Group on the city Council is apparently under way. To be fair, the exclusive report in the Brighton magazine The Latest – soon to launch […]

Brighton politics latest: a failed Green coup and a big Labour headache

It’s been a day of extraordinary developments in the ongoing saga of Brighton’s minority Green administration and the fallout from the city’s pay modernisation debate.  Today saw the Council’s Annual Meeting at which the Leader and Mayor are elected – an occasion more notable for its formality than controversy.  Not today. The big event has […]