Increasing council tax: more gesture politics from the Green Party

After the farce, the tragedy.  Following several days dominated by the furore caused by Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet describing the armed forces as “hired killers”, and the discovery of an equally offensive Islamophobic tweet, the Brighton and Hove Green Party has today announced that it will seek a 5.9% Council Tax increase next year, […]


It’s been a wretched 48 hours for the Brighton and Hove Green Party.  Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet about Armed Forces day, and the ramifications of that, has dominated debate – but there is other news that may demonstrate that the Green Party in this city is in a state of collapse. At the time of […]

Ben Duncan – why an apology is not enough

Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet that Armed Forces Day had brought “hired killers” on to  the streets of Brighton has caused a political furore.  It has been condemned by Caroline Lucas and Duncan has been forced to issue an apology. It’s not enough. This is just the latest in a long line of incidents in […]

The Green Party, Armed Forces Day and “hired killers” on the streets of Brighton?

Last night, Green Councillor Ben Duncan published this extraordinary tweet: As on numerous other occasions, to call Cllr Duncan for a lapse of judgement seems barely adequate. To be clear – it’s not as if there is not an issue here.  Politicians continue to use Armed Forces Day, and the armed forces in general, […]

Last thoughts on the Brighton and Hove Budget

In the end it was a remarkably bloodless affair.  Speeches by the group leaders followed by a series of votes, and, after the months of intense politics, Brighton and Hove Council had a budget: a council tax rise of 1.99% and the amendments passed at the previous week’s Budget Council to restore discretionary grants and […]

The Brighton and Hove City Council budget: protest and responsibility

The funding cuts faced by Brighton and Hove City Council are brutal. Cuts in central Government support mean that the council has to find £24m in “savings”; on the basis of leaked documents the local paper, the Argus, reports that budgets for the care of the elderly and disabled will be badly hit.  There is […]

The strange case of the Tory MP and the Brighton tourist tax that wasn’t

Today in the House of Commons, Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown, sought a debate on what he describes as Labour’s attempt to bring in a tourist tax in Brighton. It’s a theme he has warmed to over the last few weeks, even writing to Ed Miliband about it. There’s just one small problem. No […]