Tories, allotments and the war on public space

Wandering around my home town of Brighton, as I pass allotments I have often reflected that many of them are on what would pass for prime development land. Rather in the spirit of John Betjeman in the 1960s, who, when spotting a pretty country church would adopt the persona of a Northern town planner and […]

A rubbish proposal

More rubbish from the Coalition of the Clueless.  According to the BBC, the Government is about to announce the removal of local authority powers to issue fixed penalties to people who break the rules about refuse collection.  Only the most serious cases of fly-tipping will continue to attract sanctions. Rubbish, it seems, is a big […]

Big Society Blues

The problem for David Cameron is not that the the Big Society is controversial.  Cameron’s bigger problem is that it has become a joke.  It’s taken its place in the long list of initiatives in which British politicians have tried to reconnect with their electorate, and have merely ended up as objects of ridicule.  Remember […]

A phoney war and a real conflict

Eric Pickles and Philip Hammond have taken great delight in announcing that, since the Coalition came to power, the war on the motorist has ended. It’s a phrase that has adorned a number of policy announcements in recent months – the withdrawal of the M4 bus lane near Heathrow and now withdrawing planning guidance that […]