Caroline’s militant tendency

The rollercoaster that is Brighton and Hove Green Party politics has just taken another stomach-churning lurch.  At its General Meeting last week the Brighton and Hove Green Party passed two motions which define its approach to politics in the city in the weeks preceding the General and City Council elections. Faced with cuts in Government […]

Last thoughts on the Brighton and Hove Budget

In the end it was a remarkably bloodless affair.  Speeches by the group leaders followed by a series of votes, and, after the months of intense politics, Brighton and Hove Council had a budget: a council tax rise of 1.99% and the amendments passed at the previous week’s Budget Council to restore discretionary grants and […]

Caroline Lucas, the Brighton and Hove budget and the price of Green Party unity

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell invented the concept of duckspeak. It was a description for the act of speaking without thinking, like the quacking of a duck; when used in support of the party line it was seen as a good thing, a repetition of orthodoxy untainted by reference to the real world. Listening to […]

The Brighton and Hove City Council budget: protest and responsibility

The funding cuts faced by Brighton and Hove City Council are brutal. Cuts in central Government support mean that the council has to find £24m in “savings”; on the basis of leaked documents the local paper, the Argus, reports that budgets for the care of the elderly and disabled will be badly hit.  There is […]

Why I’m backing Brighton and Hove’s Green administration

Last Thursday evening, Labour and Tories in Brighton collaborated to pass amendments to the Green administration’s proposed Budget that froze Council Tax – in contrast to the Green proposal for a 3.5% increase – and to make corresponding cuts.  Following the vote in favour of the amendments, the Green group on the council – with […]