In praise of Warren Morgan

When, a little over eighteen months ago, I moved from Brighton to Cardiff, I decided that I wouldn’t comment on Brighton and Hove politics any more; for all the attachements and friendships formed in my time as a Labour activist and council candidate in the city, the time had come to move on. However, I […]

Caroline’s cuts

Today’s Brighton and Hove Independent carries a full description of the Greens’ proposed City budget for 2015-16 – leaked in apparent breach of Council rules.  Green finance lead Ollie Sykes seeks to justify his Party’s proposed 5.9% Council Tax increase in terms of staving off the threat to services for adults with learning difficulties, voluntary […]

Unchain the motorist – will they never learn?

A new advertisement from the Brighton fringe group Unchain the Motorist, which claims to speak for drivers in Brighton and Hove, makes a hugely misleading assertion about 20mph zones and casualties. The advertisement quotes DfT statistics showing that the number of casualties in 20mph zones has increased substantially for 2013, while those on 30mph roads […]

A change of direction

Last night I was selected as one of a team of Labour and Co-Operative candidates to contest Preston Park ward on Brighton and Hove city council, along with Julie Cattell and Kevin Allen.   Preston Park is a key ward for Labour, one that is crucial to achieving our goals of winning the council and […]

No confidence: an epitaph for Green politics in Brighton and Hove

It’s becoming a truism in Brighton and Hove that the city’s political crises unfold against a background of uncollected rubbish.  Last summer’s crisis was of course all about refuse collection, and the dispute over council workers’ allowances; this time, as the ruling Green administration sets out its plans for a referendum on a 4.75% Council […]

Brighton’s i360: no justification for public funding

The Brighton Argus reports that plans to build the i360 tourist attraction in Brighton are set to be revived, with Brighton and Hove City Council  providing a loan of £36m towards the cost of the project.  The rationale behind this is that it will bring substantial regeneration benefits to the city. The history, of course, […]

Greens, council tax plebiscites and the undermining of local democracy

Yesterday, following the Brighton and Hove Green administration’s announcement that it would seek a referendum to approve a 4.75% Council Tax rise, I wrote a quick blog post arguing that such a move was paradoxical; that, far from undermining austerity, such a policy entrenched it. Given the response to that piece, I thought it was […]

How the Green Party just surrendered Brighton to austerity politics

The decision of Brighton and Hove’s ruling Green administration to hold a referendum on a 4.75% Council Tax increase  is being hailed by many – most of all outside Brighton – as a bold blow against  austerity.  It is nothing of the sort.  By failing in its duty to seat a budget and instead to […]

Christmas free parking in Brighton and Hove: a disgraceful and misleading press release

(NB since this blog post was written, the press notice has been taken down from the Brighton and Hove Council website. However I managed to screengrab it and it can be found here ) On Christmas Eve, when the rest of the world is winding down towards the holiday break, Brighton and Hove Council have […]

The Brighton and Hove City Council budget: protest and responsibility

The funding cuts faced by Brighton and Hove City Council are brutal. Cuts in central Government support mean that the council has to find £24m in “savings”; on the basis of leaked documents the local paper, the Argus, reports that budgets for the care of the elderly and disabled will be badly hit.  There is […]