i360: a final appeal to the City Council

This afternoon the City Council’s Policy and Resources Committee will meet in special session to discuss an increase in the proposed loan to the developers of i360 to £36m.  Having now had a chance to read the papers, I do not believe that they make the case for the loan to go ahead, and urge […]

Last thoughts on the Brighton and Hove Budget

In the end it was a remarkably bloodless affair.  Speeches by the group leaders followed by a series of votes, and, after the months of intense politics, Brighton and Hove Council had a budget: a council tax rise of 1.99% and the amendments passed at the previous week’s Budget Council to restore discretionary grants and […]

20mph in Brighton: a case study in the abandonment of politics

Earlier this week, Brighton and Hove Council agreed recommendations for the implementation of 20mph limits in some Brighton streets.  The final agreement falls far short of the original aspiration  to turn the whole city into a 20mph zone;  the officers’ paper I discussed in my earlier post was watered down further, to exclude more streets […]