Mending the broken society: Cameron’s mendacious and disgraceful speech

Today, responding to the disorder that swept through many of Britain’s cities a little over a week ago, David Cameron set out his response in a speech at a youth centre in his Witney constituency.  It’s an important event – it provided an opportunity for Britain’s Prime Minster to set out a considered response to […]

The Coalition’s vicious assault on single mothers

Last weekend, in an opinion piece in the Sunday Telegraph, David Cameron attacked fathers who fail to face up to their responsibilities while commenting that many single mothers did a heroic job.  I commented at the time that, coming from the Tories, this latter comment was something of a step forward.  I spoke too soon: […]

England’s dreaming – narratives of nationhood

Royal Wedding day, and a lot of mixed emotions for this lefty republican – fury and boredom at the hype in the weeks leading up to it; ironic reflection at the way those two old English revolutionaries, John Milton and William Blake, had their words appropriated by the Royal pageantry (while the designer of Ms […]

Cameron’s vicious and dishonest attack on public servants

I discovered yesterday afternoon that, as an ex-civil servant, I spent more than twenty years of my life as an enemy of enterprise.  In his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Cardiff yesterday afternoon, David Cameron – aristocrat, old Etonian, Bullingdon Club, PR Executive, arms salesman and sometime Prime Minister – decided to give […]

Lessons from Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has recently introduced an emergency budget to address the effects of the economic downturn.  It’s the latest in a set of measures in an economy which, to an even greater extent than Britain, has been dependent on speculation and booming property prices.  The contraction of the Irish economy has been savage […]