Anatomy of a disaster: Labour after Copeland and Stoke

After the by-elections, the comment on the state of Labour.  For the Labour Party – which won Stoke and lost Copeland – the very fact that its, rather than the Tories’, performance was the focus of attention ought to be bad enough, given that the Government is in clear disarray over Brexit.  But there is, […]

Eastleigh: a fascinating contest

After the lies, the by-election.  The resignation of Chris Huhne as MP for Eastleigh, following his guilty plea to a charge of perverting the course of justice, opens the way to what could be a defining by-election contest. At the 2010 General Election Huhne held the seat with a majority of nearly 4,000 over the […]

Toffs and apparatchiks

New Labour’s campaign in the forthcoming Crewe and Nantwich by-election has hit something of a low, with the attempt to portray Conservative candidate Edward Timpson as a “toff” drawing a lot of well-justified flak. Timpson is indeed a very wealthy man; Labour candidate Tamsin Dunwoody’s attempt to portray herself as an unemployed working mother of […]