So who wrote those Brexit sectoral analyses? And why does it matter?

The recently-published sectoral analyses apparently prepared by the Department for Exiting the European Union have been received with an avalanche of ridicule.  As if some of the content were not banal enough (for example the unsurprising claim that fishing is concentrated in coastal towns), it’s now become clear that some passages were lifted directly from […]

So why is Whitehall seizing up?

Benedict Brogan’s Daily Telegraph blog is always a good reminder of how far Cameron and his Liberal Democrat allies are mistrusted on the traditional Tory right. A piece yesterday repeats the usual line that Soapy Cameron threw away a commanding lead for his Party and failed to win an election that was his for the […]

Man overboard: the collapse of the NHS reforms

One of the advantages of being an ex-Civil Servant is that you can easily spot the symptoms of a good old-fashioned Whitehall panic. And the current shenanigans over the NHS reforms are clearly a prime specimen – a sweaty-palmed, swivel-eyed, world-falling-around-your-ears late-night-emergency-meetings outbreak of pure bureaucratic meltdown. Sir Humphrey’s phrase – “man overboard” – doesn’t […]