Will Hutton on Labour’s lost opportunity

At the weekend, I was in the audience for a talk by Will Hutton, formerly of the Guardian and now Principal of Hertford College, Oxford – but, more importantly, for a generation a critical and powerful voice on the centre-left.  The talk was part of the Cardiff Book Festival and was linked to the book […]

Coming home

There is a cynical view that party conferences are so much hot air – three weeks in which the party faithful essentially look inwards, with little that is relevant to the need of the wider world.  That may be true at times, but this years conference season – and the events that have immediately followed […]

Bread, circuses and the smell of fear

David Cameron has today delivered a speech on education, at the opening of the Norwich Free School.  It offers an astonishingly reactionary and in many respects deeply ill-informed view of what schools are about.  But it’s just the latest in a line of utterances in which huggie-hooding Dave, a man whom the Telegraph Blogs regarded […]

The monster in your mirror

As more details emerge about Anders Behring Breivik, charged with carrying out the appalling massacre of dozens of participants at a Norwegian Socialist Party summer camp, it has been fascinating to see how the media has chosen to report the events. First, the immediate assumption that this was an act of Islamist terror – and […]

Where does progressive politics stand after 5 May?

Elections last Thursday saw conflicting fortunes for political parties across Britain – an SNP landslide in Scotland, annihilation for the Liberal Democrats in many parts of the country, Labour gains but the Tories taking enough seats from the Liberal Democrats for them to claim (with help from the supine media) they’re holding their ground, and […]

Cameron’s immigration lies

It must be local election time.  The garden is sprouting, the birds in the garden are nesting, and David Cameron is playing the race card. Of course, being Cameron, he’s doing it in a relatively subtle way – not for nothing was he known as “Satan” in his days in public relations.  But the speech […]

A rubbish proposal

More rubbish from the Coalition of the Clueless.  According to the BBC, the Government is about to announce the removal of local authority powers to issue fixed penalties to people who break the rules about refuse collection.  Only the most serious cases of fly-tipping will continue to attract sanctions. Rubbish, it seems, is a big […]