Liberal Democrats and Article 50: a revealing window on the state of British democracy

The Liberal Democrats’ conference decision to campaign for the revocation of the UK’s notification under Article 50 of its intention to leave the EU has caused something of a storm. Obviously there is a debate to be had among Remainers as to what is the best strategy to achieve that goal, but this goes much […]

For the sake of liberal democracy in Britain, we must defeat Brexit in 2018

If there is one political narrative that has dominated late 2017, it is the unravelling of the Brexit project.  The evidence has mounted, not just that leaving the EU will make the UK a much poorer and meaner society; but that the polticians who are leading it are simply clueless.  The furore over blue passports […]

Why the Labour-Union link is a bulwark of democracy

A lot of sound and fury has been generated recently about the recent selection of a Labour candidate in Falkirk, involving accusations that the Unite union has behaved improperly and has exercised unwarranted influence over the process.  The Labour Party has announced that it will take the matter up with the police.  The issue has […]

Policing and democracy: why you should vote in the sham election nobody wants

In a few days’ time, electors all over England will go to the polls to select Police and Crime Commissioners.  All the signs are that the turnout will be very small indeed, and there is little evidence that participants have been able to generate any real enthusiasm. One of the reasons is that nobody really […]

Miliband, Balls and the death of functioning democracy

These have been dispiriting times for those who oppose the ideology that the Coalition Government is enacting with a brutality that should surprise no-one, but somehow always does (mostly because they haven’t read the Orange Book). In the week that we have seen the House of Lords approve a huge cut in the living standards […]

A royal engagement and a narrative of national failure

I’ve been fascinated by the spectacle surrounding the announcement of the engagement of William Windsor and Kate Middleton – much of it of course following an entirely predictable pattern. For a start, there is the endless overage on the rolling news outlets, vox-pops and helicopters flying over London to produce the aerial shots over which […]