2016 could be a great year for Labour – if the Party lets it

As the year turns, the political commentators are preoccupied with Labour’s apparent difficulties.  It’s hard to remember that in any normal times it would be the Tories that would be on the ropes.  There are three key issues on which the Tories are, potentially, in the most serious trouble: On Europe, the Tories remain as […]

Cameron’s referendum: a weak leader sleepwalking to EU exit

It is widely reported that David Cameron will today announce his intention to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the EU and hold an in-out referendum, assuming the Tories win a majority after 2015. I intend to blog at greater length about this later, but it is important to understand the implications of what Cameron has conceded. […]

The EU Budget: deconstructing Parliament’s vote

Unsurprisingly, the first major Commons defeat for the Coalition reflects the Conservative Party’s dysfunction over Europe, as Labour MPs join the Tory Eurosceptic fringe in the lobbies to vote down the proposition that the EU’s Budget should be frozen in real terms, demanding real-terms cuts instead. Much of the subsequent comment has focussed on Labour’s […]

Ignorance and human rights

The purpose of tabloid newspapers, it seems, is to spread ignorance and to foment prejudice.  And on many subjects they’ve done an astonishing job – on crime levels, the EU, single mothers, speed cameras.  It’s made all the easier when the political class, as a symptom of its failure to engage with reality, is quite […]