Cameron and the economics of the family

You can tell the Tory Party is in trouble.  Dreadful economic numbers, NHS reforms in tatters, public sector workers declaring that enough is enough.  So, once again, David Cameron uses Father’s Day, that annual festival for the greetings card industry, to make pronouncements on family issues in a piece in the Sunday Telegraph today. At […]

… but it's booming in Basra. Possibly.

The folks in Britain contemplating an economic situation that appears to be going downhull fast could at least celebrate the fact that, according to today’s Guardian, the economy in Basra is booming.  That was the message from the outgoing UK Commander, the splendidly-named Major General Barney White-Spunner. It appears that property prices have doubled since […]

UK house prices – it could be worse than we think

News from Britain’s largest mortgage lender, HBOS, suggests that house prices in the UK fell 1.7% in July – giving an annual fall of 8.8%. But there’s some evidence that this underestimates the size of the fall.  Lord Oakeshott, the Liberal Democrats’ Treasury spokesman, has argued that prices of domestic properties at auction have fallen […]

Gordon Brown and the Labour debacle

One could be forgiven for feeling that more than enough cyber-ink has been spilled over Labour’s disastrous showing in the local elections and the events leading up to them. But there are some quite important things going on here, with roots in events long before Brown’s ill-starred assumption of the Labour leadership. So here are […]