In praise of Warren Morgan

When, a little over eighteen months ago, I moved from Brighton to Cardiff, I decided that I wouldn’t comment on Brighton and Hove politics any more; for all the attachements and friendships formed in my time as a Labour activist and council candidate in the city, the time had come to move on. However, I […]

Corbyn’s Christmas message: notes from a parallel universe

Like, I would imagine, every single other Labour Party member, I have just received an email containing a Christmas message from Jeremy Corbyn.  It is difficult to imagine a more complacent document; it almost appears to have issued from a parallel universe. Corbyn writes about how the Labour Party has signed more new members in […]

Brighton Pavilion: are the Greens losing their grip?

Ever since the results of the European Election vote in Brighton and Hove were announced last Sunday, there has been an outbreak of speculation over what those results could mean for next year’s local and general election results in the city. Almost as soon as the results were announced, the Caroline Lucas camp was tweeting […]

Beyond the Gagging Bill: another Tory attack on charities

What is it with the Tories and charities? Despite all the pre-election rhetoric about the Big Society, there appears to be a deep-seated hostility within the Tory Party – and their Liberal Democrat partners – to the idea that charities should act as advocates for those they represent, rather than simply acting as channels through […]

Leaving the Green Party

For someone of my generation – I voted for the first time in 1979, having turned eighteen a few weeks before the election – there is no more potent sign of political failure than rubbish piling in the streets.  Not just because of the immediate issue – a political structure failing to deliver the essentials […]

Twenty’s already plenty in Brighton and Hove

Earlier this week Brighton’s local rag, the Argus, was working itself into one of its usual small lathers of indignation over the fact that many of the road signs related to the forthcoming introduction of the 20mph speed limit across much of the city were already in place – despite the fact that the new […]