Brighton’s Greens, Council Tax and a disgraceful act of moral blackmail

There’s an old political saw that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. As they come to the end of four years in office, and as they start the process of setting out their last budget, the peculiar genius of Brighton and Hove’s Green Party may well have been to turn that formulation […]

Brighton and Hove Greens: putting circus horses before food bank users

The Brighton and Hove Green Party is fond of labelling Labour as a party of austerity, and claiming to be the party that really stands up for social justice and against poverty.  Today’s meeting of the Green-chaired Policy and Resources Committee of the City Council demonstrated why the Greens’ claims to support the vulnerable in […]

Ed Miliband’s vision redefines the role of local government – and the Council Tax debate in Brighton and Hove

Ed Miliband has made a major announcement about how local government will be reformed under a Labour administration.  It’s a complete game-changer; a big vision and, for those of us who aspire to be Labour councillors, a hugely challenging one. Building on the Adonis review, which calls for massive devolution of economic power to the […]

Increasing council tax: more gesture politics from the Green Party

After the farce, the tragedy.  Following several days dominated by the furore caused by Green Cllr Ben Duncan’s tweet describing the armed forces as “hired killers”, and the discovery of an equally offensive Islamophobic tweet, the Brighton and Hove Green Party has today announced that it will seek a 5.9% Council Tax increase next year, […]


Spring. The buds are appearing on the bushes and shrubs, the first daffodils are out in Brighton’s splendid parks and the annual coup against Jason Kitcat’s convenorship of the Green Group on the city Council is apparently under way. To be fair, the exclusive report in the Brighton magazine The Latest – soon to launch […]

Brighton council tax: the endgame approaches

The fate of the Green administration’s proposed 4.75% Council Tax rise will be settled in the next few days, with the crucial Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 13 February and the full Budget Council on 27th.  The debate has continued: I was at the debate organised by the Brighton and Hove Independent last night […]

That Green referendum proposal: pay first, vote later

The debate about Brighton and Hove Council’s proposed 4.75% Council Tax rumbles on, with the crucial Policy and Resources Committee Budget meeting on 13 February and the Full Council Budget vote two weeks after that.  The Green Party continues to argue that this is an exercise in local democracy.  I don’t want to rehears the […]