Consumerism – bad for somebody else’s health

A sobering piece by Johann Hari in today’s Independent, exposing the cost of consumerism at the sharp end. It exposes the horrific conditions under which Chinese workers labour to produce the mechanical toys that Western consumers enjoy – an environment in which it is estimated that 600,000 people per year die of overwork.  Hari points […]

Swine flu – a very capitalist illness

Swine flu is, for some people, a highly profitable business. A report in yesterday’s Times pointed to the business bonanza coming on the back of swine flu. Other, less mainstream sources have pointed to the commercial interest that some producers of flu remedies might have in stoking up the panic. But there is an increasing […]

Dump the bottle

Some months ago, I posted about Elizabeth Royte’s book Bottlemania – a book that not only exposed the idiocy of the bottled water cult, but the damage that it does to the environment.  I see that Johann Hari has a piece in today’s Independent, announcing his intention to give up bottled water for the new […]

Talking sense about crime

There is no subject that gets the British tabloid press going more than crime and punishment.  Day after day, readers are battered with stories illustrating how official Britain is “soft” on crime – despite the fact that imprisonment is at record levels, and that the levels of many categories of crime are actually falling (although […]