Labour’s Economic Advisory Committee – mainstreaming anti-austerity economics

The announcement of Labour’s new Economics Advisory Committee is perhaps the most important development in the Party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.  It’s a powerful statement of intent that Labour is determined never again to be accused by the Tories of lacking economic credibility, but it is something far more than that. To grasp its […]

Thatcher: mythologies and legacies

The past week was inevitable. It was always going to be the case that when Margaret Thatcher died, there would be a torrent of Thatcherabilia in the media; much of it adulatory, some of it reopening the old wounds from the 1980s.  The State Funeral question had been well-trailed; it was always clear that the […]

Railways, renationalisation and political risk

Recent announcements that rail fares will rise by up to 11% have produced a significant political reaction.  Formerly supine Tory MPs for commuting constituencies have been making subversive noises; on the left, the call for renationalisation has been strong. It’s difficult to argue with renationalisation in principle.  Privatisation has resulted in a hugely inefficient structure […]