How Brighton Tories’ litter plan is about profit at the expense of the city

Hove MP Mike Weatherley issued a largely overlooked press release earlier today, commenting on the success of a pilot scheme in Croydon which aims to provide sanctions against those who drop litter and leave mess.  In the press release Weatherley states: Following a recent anti-social behaviour crackdown by Croydon Council, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member […]

Beyond the Gagging Bill: another Tory attack on charities

What is it with the Tories and charities? Despite all the pre-election rhetoric about the Big Society, there appears to be a deep-seated hostility within the Tory Party – and their Liberal Democrat partners – to the idea that charities should act as advocates for those they represent, rather than simply acting as channels through […]

Backing Brighton and Hove council’s proposals to expand the travellers’ site at Horsdean

If, as I do, you live in Patcham on the northern fringes of Brighton, you could be forgiven for believing that the most important issue facing our city is the Council’s planning application to provide twelve permanent pitches at the current travellers’ site at Horsdean, on the edge of the South Downs national park.  The […]

Just how radical is Brighton’s political culture?

A few weeks ago a Daily Telegraph blogger added greatly to the general amusement of Brighton’s political class by claiming that Brighton was the sort of place that could lead a Tory revival.  The laughter could probably be heard as far away as East Croydon; as complete a misreading of the place as you could […]

Lions led by donkeys: October 20 and the sheer dysfucntion of British politics

Yesterday, around 150,000 people marched through central London to protest against austerity and job cuts.  Similar marches took place in Glasgow and Cardiff.  In almost every respect, the marchers represented everything that is decent about Britain; people cutting through the political and media narratives and responding to the reality of austerity and the direct effect […]

The return of hate speech

There is a belief among what might be termed the Tabloid Right that in a world of “political correctness gone mad” people are not allowed to say certain things.  A quick glance at the Dale Farm hashtag (#dalefarm) on Twitter will demonstrate the absurdity of that view.  In a culture that has been brutalised by […]