A C Grayling on rejoining the EU: a rational case in a time of unreason?

I spent yesterday evening listening to a speech by the philosopher A C Grayling at a meeting in Bath, organised by Bath for Europe, on the subject of rejoining the EU (unfortunately I had to leave before the Q and A in order to stand a fighting chance of getting a train back to Cardiff). […]

UKIP, neoliberalism and the revolt of the moderately entitled

Much cyber-ink has been spilled following last week’s strong UKIP showing in the English County Council elections – it might seem superfluous to add to it.  I think the strength of UKIP’s “surge” is overrated – these were partial elections in which the major centres of population did not vote (along with Scotland and most […]

A royal engagement and a narrative of national failure

I’ve been fascinated by the spectacle surrounding the announcement of the engagement of William Windsor and Kate Middleton – much of it of course following an entirely predictable pattern. For a start, there is the endless overage on the rolling news outlets, vox-pops and helicopters flying over London to produce the aerial shots over which […]

Play up, play up and play the game

Like potlatch in this blog post, I’ve long been fascinated by the role of sport in our economy and culture.  It’s an activity which in our capitalist society has acquired an iconic value.  he rhetoric of businessmen is full of sporting analogies, always used with approval. Of course, the analogies are obvious.  Competitiveness and team-building […]