Progressive Council Tax: an appeal to the Green Party conference

This weekend, the Green Party of England and Wales gathers in Brighton for its annual conference.  Among the hottest topics for debate will be the plan hatched by some Brighton Green Party members for a Progressive Council Tax, a proposal that would mean voters approving a huge hike in Council Tax in a referendum (the […]

Austerity: framing an opposing narrative

How do we challenge the coalition’s economic narrative and win popular support for a more grounded and generous economic policy?  It’s a question that is close to being the holy grail of left politics in Britain (and elsewhere), as the economic and social myths underpinning austerity economics continue to dominate political discourse. A brilliant new […]

Zero hours contracts: bad economics as well as bad for people

In recent days, the issue of zero hours contracts – under which employees do not know from week to week how many hours they can expect to work – has recently moved to the top of the political agenda.  They have been praised by some as offering a desirable flexibility to the labour market, and […]

Labour and benefits: a regressive policy

In the last few days, Labour has begun to clarify its policy on benefits.  It’s far from encouraging.  There is still little to suggest that the party has not broken out of its dangerous tendency of allowing the Tories and their media to set the agenda, and the implications of its  announcements are that many […]

Agenda for a new Green leader

Caroline Lucas has announced that she will not seek re-election as Green Party leader later this year, in a move aimed at increasing the exposure of other leading Greens.  It’s a wise move; Caroline’s achievement has been enormous, raising the profile of the Party by gaining our first Westminster seat and providing what has at […]