Taking the economic fight to the Tories at last

Today’s Guardian reports that shadow chancellor John McDonnell intends to hold a series of free public seminars to inform public debate on economic issues.  According to the report they will be supported by members of Labour’s Economic Advisory panel, and will contribute towards a conference on economic policy in the Summer. This is fantastic news.  […]

In search of Milibandism

As the election gets closer, the question of whether there is such a thing as Milibandism – and if so what it might be – is beginning to be asked.  I think there is such a thing – and in the past few months, since the Labour Party conference in particular, it is becoming increasingly […]

Just how radical is Brighton’s political culture?

A few weeks ago a Daily Telegraph blogger added greatly to the general amusement of Brighton’s political class by claiming that Brighton was the sort of place that could lead a Tory revival.  The laughter could probably be heard as far away as East Croydon; as complete a misreading of the place as you could […]

Liberal Democrats and the triumph of neoliberal entryism

Following the Liberal Democrat conference last weekend was fascinating for what I guess many Liberal Democrats would regard as the wrong reasons.  Votes on the Coalition’s Health Bill have revealed not only a deeply divided party, but one whose members and leaders are working from completely different assumptions about leadership, policy and democracy. On the […]

Abusing Beveridge’s legacy

According to the Daily Mail (NB clicking on that link will contribute to the Mail’s advertising revenues), Ed Miliband and Liam Byrne are about to launch an attack on the “evil” of benefit scroungers.  The Left blogosphere and Twitterati have been driven into overdrive by this; some condemning the way in which an alleged party of […]

Gordon Brown and the Labour debacle

One could be forgiven for feeling that more than enough cyber-ink has been spilled over Labour’s disastrous showing in the local elections and the events leading up to them. But there are some quite important things going on here, with roots in events long before Brown’s ill-starred assumption of the Labour leadership. So here are […]