One Nation Labour and the search for an economic narrative

I have spent some time carefully reading Jon Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford’s pamphlet One Nation: Labour’s Political Renewal.  It aims to give an overarching rationale for the outcome of Labour’s policy review.  It is ambitious and in many respects offers a powerful diagnosis of a society that has become disillusioned, impoverished, unequal, unambitious.  There are […]

Alan Milburn’s social mobility report: a case for a basic income?

The  Government will publish today a report prepared by former Labour cabinet minister Alan Milburn into social mobility.  It’s widely trailed that it will make sobering reading for the coalition:   In particular, it is likely to highlight the fact that the biggest victims of austerity economics are the working poor – something we really […]

10p tax: one-and-a-half cheers for Ed Miliband

I’ve been pretty scathing about the Labour Party on this blog, so a bit of credit where it’s due: Ed Miliband’s eye-catching announcements today committing Labour to a 10p lowest tax rate, funded by a so-called mansion tax, are a step in the right direction.  It’s some way from the New Jerusalem that some enthusiastic […]

Ed Balls and workfare – still following Osborne’s agenda?

Ed Balls has announced that Labour plans to introduce a compulsory work scheme for those  over 25 who have been out of work for more than two years – in addition to its existing plans for the under-25s.  The proposal is being spun in two ways – both as giving “opportunities” but also as a […]