So just which are those drifting schools?

David Cameron takes a pop at what he describes as failing middle class schools in a piece in today’s Daily Telegraph.  As ever with Cameron, it’s short on evidence, long on prejudice – has there ever been a Government which is less concerned about backing its assertions with hard facts? – and it’s always amusing […]

Private schools and the Tory culture of bullying

Yesterday, I blogged about Andrew Neil’s film Posh and Posher, which described the hold private schools have on our political culture.  Today, by way of an ironic counterpoint, the Independent describes how the Coalition is trying to hound the Chair of the Charities Commission, Dame Suzi Leather, out of her job for enforcing the rules […]

Posh and posher–how Andrew Neil missed the point

Andrew Neil’s BBC film about how politics in Britain has increasingly become a preserve of privately-educated privileged examined a real and important phenomenon.  He argued that for a brief period front-line Westminster politics, and hence government, had been opened up to a meritocracy drawing on a much wider range of social backgrounds, but now the […]