Jeremy Corbyn’s anorak matters: it’s a symbol of arrogance and entitlement

On the day after the Armistice commemorations around the world, the London media are full of stories about one topic – Jeremy Corbyn’s inappropriate choice of attire for the Cenotaph ceremony in Whitehall yesterday morning.  It is being argued that his choice of a blue anorak rather than the sombre smart overcoat of the other […]

Remembering 1914

Part of the point of commemorating the hundredth anniversary of a war is the certainty that nobody who served in it will still be alive.  It is the point at which, definitively, that war has passed from direct into reported experience; history that can be turned into mythology, without the inconvenience of spontaneous testimony from […]

Lest we remember …

My grandmother was born in 1906, the youngest of thirteen children.  Three of her brothers were killed in the First World War.  She was not a woman who was tolerant of establishment hypocrisy and sonorous banalities about “our glorious dead” were apt to bring a contemptuous snort from her.  The fact that, nearly a hundred […]