Economic fatalism and the Labour Party leadership election

Perhaps the most dispiriting feature of the Labour Party leadership economics has been the standard of – one is tempted to say the absence of – the economic debate.  There is an emerging – and vague – narrative around the need to be more business-friendly, to reward “hard work”, to cut the deficit, to enable […]

Hard Work: why we need to change the way we think about work, pay and benefits

The concept of work is at the heart of contemporary political and economic rhetoric.  Slogans about work – about hard-working families, about backing the people who work hard, about being the party of work – pepper political discourse across the political spectrum.  But work is in crisis in a way that you would find hard […]

Economies and bubbles: a scary scenario

Paul Krugman used his New York Times column yesterday to blog about a remarkable address by Larry Summers to an IMF research conference.  It’s important because, if true – and it’s all too plausible – it paints a grim picture of how the world economy could be in the process of sinking into a permanent […]