Hilary Benn and the allure of business as usual

As oratory, Hilary Benn’s speech in the House of Commons winding up for the opposition on the Government’s motion on Syria was something very special.  The uninhibited passion was something that mainstream debate has lacked for a long time, especially from the Labour benches.  It was greeted by applause from both sides of the House, […]

Against pragmatism: the undermining of Jeremy Corbyn

This weekend, something important happened.  As a Labour Party member, I received an email from the party leader asking for my views on whether the UK should join in the bombing of ISIL in Syria.  It was a leader, elected with a huge mandate, putting into practice what he promised during his election campaign – […]

The day the Falklands Factor died

One of the most radicalising experiences of my youth was the Falklands War.  I was a student at the time, reading PPE at Oxford – the entrance exam to mainstream politics at the staff college of the British establishment – and remember being aghast at the politics and the emotional hinterland it revealed: the apparent […]