The Brexit time bomb ticking under Wales’ public finances

Across the political spectrum, there has been much discussion about what Brexit would mean for Wales, which has been a substantial beneficiary of structural funding from the EU and whose economy – more dependent than the rest of the UK on manufacturing and agriculture – is potentially much more exposed to the effects of Brexit […]

Clegg’s wealth tax and gesture politics

It must be party conference season.  Nick Clegg making statements about an emergency wealth tax, a rather desperate attempt to give the annual festival of Stockholm Syndrome that calls itself the Liberal Democrat Party Conference something to differentiate themselves from the Tory party their Parliamentarians have happily maintained in office. A wealth tax sounds superficially […]

How my window cleaner took down the British economy

David Gauke, junior Treasury Minister, has responded to the growing concerns about offshoring and tax avoidance by claiming that it is immoral to pay cash in hand to tradesmen.  The scales have fallen from my eyes. Meet Mick, my window cleaner.  Once a month he comes to the house and cleans my windows, for payment […]