Two brains, neither working

Every so often, a Coalition Minister departs from the script in a way that reveals the reality behind the spin.  Thus with David Willetts, the Minister for Higher Education, known to Tories as “Two Brains”. Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts takes up the story: A group of approximately 40 students from local universities and […]

Simon Hughes and higher education

The appointment of Simon Hughes as the coalition’s “special advocate” for access to higher education looks cynical and desperate. In some ways it’s the latest humiliation for Hughes, whose public agonising about his conscience while voting through the Coalition’s cuts programme has been one of the less edifying political spectacles of the last few months. […]

It’s not about fees, it’s about democracy

Now that things are settling down after this week’s massive student demonstration in London – and the events at the Conservative HQ building that followed it, it’s worth reflecting a little on what was really happened, and what it tells us about the temper of Con Dem Britain. The media reactions have been predictable. It’s […]

A (nine) grand day out – part two

Some more pictures: These are from the early part of the day, of course, before the Millbank occupation. It was loud but good natured, and the sheer size was impressive. It’s worth reflecting on the issues for a moment. The Con Dems’ proposal that Universities should be allowed to charge up to £9000 per year […]

Two brains or no brains?

Universities Minister David Willetts – a man whose intellectual achievements (in the context of the Tory Party, anyway)has led to him being known as “two brains” has given an interview to the Guardian in which he claims that the current system of student funding means that students are “a burden on the taxpayer”.  The context […]