Unchain the motorist – will they never learn?

A new advertisement from the Brighton fringe group Unchain the Motorist, which claims to speak for drivers in Brighton and Hove, makes a hugely misleading assertion about 20mph zones and casualties. The advertisement quotes DfT statistics showing that the number of casualties in 20mph zones has increased substantially for 2013, while those on 30mph roads […]

Misleading and unsubstantiated: the official verdict on Unchain the Motorist

The Advertising Standards Authority has published its verdict on the advertisements published by the Unchain the Motorist pressure group in the Brighton Argus during last year’s consultation on 20mph limits in Brighton and Hove.  It’s devastating.  All 11 issues raised in complaints about the advertisement have been upheld by the ASA. To understand just how […]

Retailers, parking and cognitive bias

Too late to inform the debate on parking and shopping in Brighton, I’ve recently come across a fascinating piece of work commissioned by London Councils looking at the relationship between parking charges and local businesses.  The work included a literature review, a questionnaire to local authorities and a market research exercise.  It’s important because, as […]

20mph in Brighton: a case study in the abandonment of politics

Earlier this week, Brighton and Hove Council agreed recommendations for the implementation of 20mph limits in some Brighton streets.  The final agreement falls far short of the original aspiration  to turn the whole city into a 20mph zone;  the officers’ paper I discussed in my earlier post was watered down further, to exclude more streets […]

Christmas parking in Brighton and Hove: this is about politics, not economics

I have already blogged about Brighton and Hove City Council’s vote (and since then a reduced version of my blogpost has appeared in the Brighton Argus).  Subsequent developments have been instructive about the state of Brighton and Hove politics,  if possibly less so about the issues of congestion and economics that lie at the heart […]

Gridlock for Christmas: a Brighton transport tale

Working as a transport policy-maker in Whitehall and Brussels over many years, I saw some calamitous transport policy decisions.  However, it is difficult to think of any – with the possible exception of HS2 – that, in terms of counter-productivity, irrationality and sheer political perverseness, tick quite as many boxes as last night’s vote by […]