Fuel prices: why Labour has got it wrong on indexation

Finding oneself potentially in agreement with George Osborne is disconcerting.  But, watching the debate over the indexation of fuel duty, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that Labour, in calling for a further delay in the proposed 3p per litre indexation of duty, are calling this one badly wrong. Labour’s concern is that people will […]

Two-tier roads and the evasion of political responsibility

Recent media reports suggest that among the Coalition’s range of options for the future of road provision is a system of two-tier vehicle taxation, with those using motorways paying a higher rate.  The tone of some of the press coverage suggests that this might be an Aunt Sally idea – a nonsense that has been […]

Privatising the roads

The news that the Department of Transport is to study the feasability of privatising the running of the trunk roads network is hardly surprising.  It’s been a gleam in the eye of the neoliberal Right for a long time – and it’s not difficult to see its superficial attraction for those of a neoliberal view. […]

Mr Toad votes Conservative

As the Tory Party prepares for its annual conference, the big idea appears to have been leaked a week early.  The Government is to consult on increasing the motorway speed limit to 80mph – Transport Secretary Philip Hammond claims that it will be good for business and will earn redress for the victims of the […]

A phoney war and a real conflict

Eric Pickles and Philip Hammond have taken great delight in announcing that, since the Coalition came to power, the war on the motorist has ended. It’s a phrase that has adorned a number of policy announcements in recent months – the withdrawal of the M4 bus lane near Heathrow and now withdrawing planning guidance that […]