Why Warren Morgan is a better socialist than his critics

Back in early 2015, when I was standing as a Labour candidate in Preston Park ward in Brighton, I was approached by a very prominent member of what has since become the Momentum left in Brighton and Hove, who asked whether I would be willing to take part in ousting Warren Morgan as Labour Group […]

In praise of Warren Morgan

When, a little over eighteen months ago, I moved from Brighton to Cardiff, I decided that I wouldn’t comment on Brighton and Hove politics any more; for all the attachements and friendships formed in my time as a Labour activist and council candidate in the city, the time had come to move on. However, I […]

Caroline’s militant tendency

The rollercoaster that is Brighton and Hove Green Party politics has just taken another stomach-churning lurch.  At its General Meeting last week the Brighton and Hove Green Party passed two motions which define its approach to politics in the city in the weeks preceding the General and City Council elections. Faced with cuts in Government […]

Don’t mention the war: Greens, Iraq and Godwin’s law

Earlier this year, Brighton and Hove City Council passed a motion of no confidence in its Green administration.  The debate was a curious affair, illustrating much about Brighton and Hove politics; in particular the way in which, nominally about the record of the administration, it turned into a series of personal attacks on Labour’s leader […]

Brighton and Hove Greens: putting circus horses before food bank users

The Brighton and Hove Green Party is fond of labelling Labour as a party of austerity, and claiming to be the party that really stands up for social justice and against poverty.  Today’s meeting of the Green-chaired Policy and Resources Committee of the City Council demonstrated why the Greens’ claims to support the vulnerable in […]

Last thoughts on the Brighton and Hove Budget

In the end it was a remarkably bloodless affair.  Speeches by the group leaders followed by a series of votes, and, after the months of intense politics, Brighton and Hove Council had a budget: a council tax rise of 1.99% and the amendments passed at the previous week’s Budget Council to restore discretionary grants and […]

Brighton council tax: the endgame approaches

The fate of the Green administration’s proposed 4.75% Council Tax rise will be settled in the next few days, with the crucial Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 13 February and the full Budget Council on 27th.  The debate has continued: I was at the debate organised by the Brighton and Hove Independent last night […]

Just how radical is Brighton’s political culture?

A few weeks ago a Daily Telegraph blogger added greatly to the general amusement of Brighton’s political class by claiming that Brighton was the sort of place that could lead a Tory revival.  The laughter could probably be heard as far away as East Croydon; as complete a misreading of the place as you could […]

Brighton politics latest: a failed Green coup and a big Labour headache

It’s been a day of extraordinary developments in the ongoing saga of Brighton’s minority Green administration and the fallout from the city’s pay modernisation debate.  Today saw the Council’s Annual Meeting at which the Leader and Mayor are elected – an occasion more notable for its formality than controversy.  Not today. The big event has […]