Against pragmatism: the undermining of Jeremy Corbyn

This weekend, something important happened.  As a Labour Party member, I received an email from the party leader asking for my views on whether the UK should join in the bombing of ISIL in Syria.  It was a leader, elected with a huge mandate, putting into practice what he promised during his election campaign – […]

Osborne’s tax-credit U-turn: no time to celebrate victory

In today’s Autumn Statement, Osborne has announced that the proposed cuts in tax credits will not now go ahead until the introduction of Universal Credit (although families already on Universal Credit will suffer the full cut)  It’s being hailed as a victory for Labour’s opposition to it – some commentators on social media are claiming […]

Ken Livingstone and mental health – time for Corbyn to lead

It’s difficult to know what does Ken Livingstone less credit – his comments to the effect that Kevan Smith MP should seek psychiatric help or the fact that it has taken an entire day of excuse-making for him to issue something that, in a dimly-lit room with the light behind it, might be mistaken for […]

Momentum and Lewisham – is the Left blowing Corbyn’s victory on gesture politics?

Faced with an unprecedented assault on local government finances, the Lewisham branch of Momentum is reported to have called on the Labour council in the borough to set a “no-cuts” – i.e. an illegal – budget.  It’s an issue that was bound to come to the surface after Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in Labour leadership election […]

The University Walk and the abandonment of childhood

One of the things about living in contemporary Britain is that it takes a lot to make one’s jaw drop.  The culture of casual market-driven brutality runs so deep that surprise almost becomes a luxury.  But a story in the Camden New Journal about how one primary school – St George the Martyr Primary School […]

Tristram Hunt, Oxbridge and the 1%

Tristram Hunt, one-time media candidate for Labour’s leadership, has claimed that Oxbridge students in the Labour Party – the “top 1%” – should take the lead in fomenting “creative dissent”.  He writes: “You are the top one per cent. The Labour Party is in the shit. It is your job and your responsibility to take […]

Labour’s leadership and the dangers of organisatonal self-indulgence

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader was a sign that, for Labour at least, everything would change.  Corbyn won on a surge of new members and supporters to the Party, on a platform that was – in contrast to his opponents – firmly focussed on policy.  Since that election there have been many steps forward […]