Why Warren Morgan is a better socialist than his critics

Back in early 2015, when I was standing as a Labour candidate in Preston Park ward in Brighton, I was approached by a very prominent member of what has since become the Momentum left in Brighton and Hove, who asked whether I would be willing to take part in ousting Warren Morgan as Labour Group […]

What if UKIP held an election meeting and nobody came?

You could be forgiven for regarding Brighton’s northern suburbs as prime UKIP territory.  In Patcham, with its neat 1930s semis, you’re a world away from the city centre where the Festival is in full swing.  It’s a suburb whose apparent prosperity hides the fact that it has been hit hard by austerity: many of its […]

The 20mph Phase 2 consultation in Brighton and Hove: some thoughts

Brighton and Hove City Council has now published the results of its consultation into the implementation of Phase 2 of the citywide 20mph scheme.  It’s a fascinating document, that raises some important issues about the politics of the debate. It’s not an especially easy read – the numbers are not presented in a straightforward way […]

Backing Brighton and Hove council’s proposals to expand the travellers’ site at Horsdean

If, as I do, you live in Patcham on the northern fringes of Brighton, you could be forgiven for believing that the most important issue facing our city is the Council’s planning application to provide twelve permanent pitches at the current travellers’ site at Horsdean, on the edge of the South Downs national park.  The […]

Park and Ride – a trivial response to Brighton’s traffic problems

Among the more surprising aspects of the current by-election campaign in Hanover and Elm Grove is the return of Park and Ride to Brighton’s political agenda.  Labour has advanced Park and Ride as a key solution to Brighton’s horrific traffic problems – promising a Park and Ride site “close to the A23” as a way […]

Tories, allotments and the war on public space

Wandering around my home town of Brighton, as I pass allotments I have often reflected that many of them are on what would pass for prime development land. Rather in the spirit of John Betjeman in the 1960s, who, when spotting a pretty country church would adopt the persona of a Northern town planner and […]