Wagner, Left politics and high culture

I’ve come across a number of pieces recently about what is described as the Philistinism of the British political and media class. Writing in today’s Guardian,  Martin Kettle describes how Angela Merkel made a public appearance at the Bayreuth Festival for the new production of Wagner’s Ring, and how such an event would, he argues, […]

Melania E: an extraordinary story for our times

I don’t think any of the English language media have picked up on the extraordinary story of Melania E, the Romanian refugee who took part in the recent production of Mozart’s Zaide by Peter Sellars at the Aix-en-Provence festival. The story was published in Le Monde.  For the benefit of those who don’t read French, […]

Educational elites?

I’ve only just picked up on a couple of news stories on educational matters First, this from the Independent on the real cost of grammar schools.  It indicates that when the Government recently named and shamed what it described as “failing schools”, local education authorities that have stuck with selection have contributed disproportionately to the […]