Why vote Labour in Brighton Pavilion?

Brighton-based blogger Paddy Vipond has recently published an open letter to Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Purna Sen, outlining why he will not vote for her and will support the incumbent Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, instead.  It’s an eloquent piece – in a very different tone from that usually reserved by Green Party […]

How the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator just backed the case for electing Purna Sen in Brighton Pavilion

In an extraordinary intervention in the debate about the position of the left in the forthcoming General Election, the Green Party’s national campaigns co-ordinator, Howard Thorp, has published a video of a conversation he had on the day that the European election results were announced with Peter Allen, a prominent Green Party activist and candidate […]

A change of direction

Last night I was selected as one of a team of Labour and Co-Operative candidates to contest Preston Park ward on Brighton and Hove city council, along with Julie Cattell and Kevin Allen.   Preston Park is a key ward for Labour, one that is crucial to achieving our goals of winning the council and […]

Coming home

There is a cynical view that party conferences are so much hot air – three weeks in which the party faithful essentially look inwards, with little that is relevant to the need of the wider world.  That may be true at times, but this years conference season – and the events that have immediately followed […]

The Tory campaign in Brighton Pavilion: not getting off to a Grand start

The newly selected Conservative candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Clarence Mitchell, has not got off to the most auspicious of starts.  This afternoon he tweeted a picture a photo of Brighton beach, taken from his hotel window at the Grand Hotel: It’s a curious tweet, and suggests a certain lack of knowledge of the city’s politics: […]

How the General Election campaign in Brighton Pavilion just got interesting

The Labour Party has today adopted Purna Sen as its candidate in Brighton Pavilion for the next General Election.  That decision promises to turn the Pavilion campaign into one of the most fascinating in the country. Purna Sen is an outstanding candidate.  Reading her cv leaves one in no doubt that Labour have adopted an […]